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Neck or back pain may develop from many causes. However, disc problems from overuse, injury, or degeneration can be a source of chronic neck or back pain. The experienced team of neurosurgeons at Oklahoma Spine & Brain Institute in Tulsa, Sallisaw, and Claremore, Oklahoma, offers artificial disc replacement, including the Mobi-C® Cervical Disc. To schedule a consultation to learn more about artificial disc replacement, call the office nearest you today.

Artificial Disc Q & A

What is a spinal disc?

Your spine consists of several small bones called vertebrae, which support your upper body weight and protect your spinal canal. 

Intervertebral discs separate each vertebra. These discs provide cushion in-between the bones, allow for ease of movement, and absorb stress during activity.

Your intervertebral discs have a strong outer ring that protects the soft gel-like center. Though your discs are strong, they’re not impervious to damage. 

What are the common disc problems?

An injury or overuse may damage a spinal disc. The discs also degenerate as you get older, making them more susceptible to injury. 

When damaged, the soft gel-like center pushes through the tough exterior, causing a herniation. The herniated disc may press on your spinal canal or a nerve as it exits your spine, resulting in various pain symptoms. 

Treatment for disc problems depends on the area of the spine affected and the severity of your symptoms. In most cases, you pursue conservative measures to control pain and other symptoms, such as anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, or injections. 

However, if conservative measures fail to alleviate your disc problem symptoms, surgery may be recommended, such as a spinal fusion.

Dedicated to providing the best treatment options possible, the team at Oklahoma Spine & Brain Institute offers a more innovative treatment for disc problems with an artificial disc replacement procedure. 

Am I a good candidate for an artificial disc?

When you come in to see a neurosurgeon at Oklahoma Spine & Brain Institute, they conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best treatment for your disc problem.

You may be a good candidate for an artificial disc if:

  • Your neck or back pain stems from a damaged disc
  • Conservative treatments fail to alleviate symptoms
  • You’re in good overall health
  • You don’t have a history of spine surgery
  • You don’t have osteoporosis or vertebral body fracture

For cervical (neck) disc replacement, the team uses the innovative Mobi-C Cervical Disc device. It’s the only cervical disc in the United States approved to treat more than one level of the cervical spine. 

What are the benefits of an artificial disc?

Compared to a spinal fusion, an artificial disc offers many benefits that go beyond relieving your pain symptoms. 

For example, Mobi-C contains patented mobile bearing technology that allows the polyethylene core to slide and rotate inside the disc for self-adjustment to your cervical spine movements. This means your artificial disc reacts to the normal motion of your spine, just like your natural intervertebral disc.

Whether treating your cervical or lumbar spine, artificial disc replacement leads to a greater range of motion in your spine compared to the traditional spinal fusion procedure. 

The team at Oklahoma Spine & Brain Institute performs Mobi-C artificial disc replacement on-site. 

To learn more about how an artificial disc may alleviate your neck or back pain, call Oklahoma Spine & Brain Institute today.