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Brain and spine trauma affects nearly two million Americans every year. Though the severity of the trauma varies, appropriate medical care is essential for a full recovery. The skilled neurosurgeons at Oklahoma Spine & Brain Institute in Tulsa, Sallisaw, and Claremore, Oklahoma, specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of brain and spine trauma. To schedule a consultation, contact the office nearest you by phone today.

Brain and Spine Trauma Q & A

What is brain and spine trauma?

Brain and spine trauma includes an injury that involves your brain or spine, which are the organs that make up your central nervous system. 

Though the severity of the trauma varies significantly, even a minor injury involving the brain or spine requires medical intervention. When left untreated, a brain or spine injury may worsen and lead to permanent damage that may result in permanent disability or death. 

What are the symptoms of brain and spine trauma?

Brain and spine trauma symptoms vary depending on the part of the central nervous system affected and the severity of the injury.

Brain trauma

Brain trauma, also called traumatic brain injury (TBI), may cause loss of consciousness, headaches, dizziness, or confusion. Repeated brain trauma without proper treatment may lead to memory loss, behavioral changes, or problems paying attention.

A concussion is a type of TBI caused by a jolt to the head. Like other forms of brain trauma, you need to seek immediate medical care if you suspect a concussion, which may cause symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, or behavioral change. 

Spine trauma

Spine trauma may affect various body functions, depending on the site of the trauma. Symptoms may include difficulty moving extremities, loss of bowel or bladder control, or radiating pain symptoms. 

No matter the symptoms or severity of your trauma, if you suspect a brain or spine injury, seek immediate medical care. 

What happens during a brain and spine trauma consultation?

The team at Oklahoma Spine & Brain Institute takes a personalized approach to care and conducts comprehensive evaluations when you come in for a brain or spine trauma consultation. 

The team of neurosurgeons also provides emergency care for brain and spine trauma. Though they recommend a visit to the emergency room for any severe trauma, the team offers phone consultations no matter the severity to provide care recommendations until you get the medical attention you need.

During the exam, your provider asks detailed questions about the injury and symptoms. Then, they conduct a physical exam that may include various tests to assess cognitive health and physical function.

They may also request diagnostic imaging, such as X-rays or MRIs, to determine the extent of the trauma or confirm or rule out skull or spine fractures. 

What are the treatments for brain and spine trauma?

Treatment for your brain or spine trauma is individualized based on the body part affected and the severity of the damage. 

Brain trauma treatment

Even minor TBIs require medical intervention. Your brain trauma treatment plan may include pain medication and activity modification. 

For hemorrhages or fractures, your provider may recommend surgery. 

Spine trauma treatment

Your spine trauma treatment plan may include medication to manage symptoms, activity modification, or physical therapy. Depending on the type of spine trauma, your provider may also recommend stem cell therapy to support the healing of the injury.

The neurosurgeons at Oklahoma Spine & Brain Institute may also recommend surgical intervention, such as kyphoplasty for a vertebral body fracture or artificial disc replacement for disc problems.

Brain and spine trauma are serious medical conditions that require attentive care. For comprehensive management of your brain or spine injury, contact Oklahoma Spine & Brain Institute by phone today.